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in Technical Digest of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), pp. 326-331, January 17-21, 1999, Orlando, FL, USA.
Automated Optimal Synthesis of Microaccelerometers
T. Mukherjee, Y. Zhou and G. Fedder
The rapid layout synthesis of a lateral accelerometer from high-level functional specifications and design constraints is demonstrated. Functional parameters such as sensitivity, minimum and maximum detectable acceleration are satisfied while simultaneously optimizing a design objective, such as device area. The optimal synthesis tool allows exploration of micromechanical device and system design issues and objectives. Layout synthesis couples optimization-based design to determine the values of layout geometry followed with layout generation to translate the desired device performance into a device layout. This rapid layout generation allows for an on-the-fly cell library generation methodology for use in design of integrated microsystems. In particular, the optimization-based approach to design allows the designer to determine the crucial design trade-offs in meeting the system-level performances, as shown by synthesis results presented.
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