CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in 194th Meeting of Electrochemical Society (ECS), pp. 33-42, November 1-6, 1998, Boston, MA, USA.
Factorial Experiment on CMOS-MEMS RIE Post Processing
X. Zhu, D. Greve, R. Lawton, N. Presser and G. Fedder
CMOS-MEMS is a promising approach to achieve integration of microelectromechanical structures with circuits by using foundry CMOS services coupled with post-CMOS processing. The most significant benefit is the low cost of manufacturing the mechanical structures with CMOS. We report suitable conditions for post-CMOS processing by reactive ion etching (RIE) to define the mechanical structures. Values of power, pressure and gas flows are determined which achieve acceptable mechanical integrity, electrical continuity, etch rate and selectivities of the metal etch mask over the CMOS dielectric materials. Results are presented from a Box-Behnken factorial experiment to achieve these goals.
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Full paper not available from outside CMU

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