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in Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI), Apr. 30-May. 2, 2006.
Synthesis of a Wideband Low Noise Amplifier
A. Jajoo, M. Sperling and T. Mukherjee
Two generations of a wideband low noise amplifier (LNA) employing noise canceling principle have been synthesized. Thefirst generation design was fabricated in a 0.35 μm SiGe BiCMOS process. It has a measured peak S21 of 17 dB and noise figure less than 3 dB over a bandwidth of 2.6 GHz while consuming 32.5 mW of power from a 2.5 V supply. The calculated figure of merit (FOM) is better than many reported wideband LNAs, including a few from even more advanced processes. The synthesis design constraints were improved based on the analysis of the first gener┬Čation design. A second generation design was synthesized with the updated constraints. Its simulation results show that its FOM is better than its predecessor.
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