CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in Technical Digest of the Solid-State Sensor, Actuator and Microsystems Workshop (Hilton Head), June 6-10, 2004, Hilton Head Island, SC, USA.
CMOS/BICMOS Self-Assembling and Electrothermal Microactuators for Tunable Capacitors, Gap-Closing Structures and Latch Mechanisms
A. Oz and G. Fedder
CMOS/BiCMOS MEMS micromovers that use the principles of self-assembly and electrothermal actuation have been designed, fabricated and tested. These micromovers exhibit lateral micropositioning of up to 25 μm. Three main applications are demonstrated: tunable capacitors, gap-closing structures and latch mechanisms. A 2.17 to 1 capacitor tuning range was measured from 400 fF to 866 fF within a 5 V control voltage. Mechanical latch structures that operate by sequencing micromovers enable zero-power stand-by operation of the capacitors. Micromovers are also used to form 300 nm gaps, which are integrated into a microresonator design. Finite-element simulation of displacements of the lateral self-assembly and actuation match measured results to within 20%.
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