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in Technical Proceedings of Eighth International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems, vol. 1 (MSM), pp. 579-582, May 8-12, 2005, Anaheim, CA.
System Simulations of Complex Electrokinetic Passive Micromixers
Y. Wang, Q. Lin and T. Mukherjee
This paper presents a composable system simulation framework for complex electrokinetic passive micromixers, using an analog hardware description language integrating analytical mixer models that describe not only the behavior of individual elements, but also the interactions among them. DC schematic analysis has been performed in the framework to capture the influence of mixer topology, element dimensions, material properties and operational parameters (e.g., electric field) on the mixing performance. Accuracy (relative error < 5%) and tremendous speedup (100-10,000x) of the composable system simulations are verified by comparison to experiment and numerical data.
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