CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in M.S. Thesis, July 2003, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
Design of a MEMS-Based Capacitor for Radio Frequency Applications
T. Warneck
The desire for integrating complete RF systems on a single integrated circuit is driving innovation in RF circuit design. One challenge in RF IC design is the implementation of on-chip passive devices such as inductors and capacitors with high quality factors. In order for tuned RF circuits to perform well and have good selectivity, linear high Q passive devices are required. This thesis investigates the feasibility of a MEMS-based continuously tunable variable capacitor tuning element. Bondiwres are used as inductors to offer high Q and low phase noise. The capacitor design will limit the effect of bondwire variablility because of the wide tuning range offered by the capacitor. The design is in an Hewlett-Packard / Agilent 0.5 micron process, with release using the CMU MEMS poly-release process.
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