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in Proceedings of 2003 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (IMECE), pp. 369-372, MEMS-Vol. 5, November 15-21, 2003, Washington DC, USA.
Microfabricated PDMS Check Valves
B. Yang, G. C. Lopez, Q. Lin and A. J. Rosenbloom
This paper presents 2 types of novel micro check valves that are based on PDMS. The valves consist of a thin flap and a flow restriction block inside a microchannel. The flap is perpendicular to the flow and lies near the block, which forms a restricted fluid path inside the channel. The valves are fabricated entirely from PDMS through replica molding techniques and can be readily integrated in PDMS-based complex microfluidic systems. Testing results show that for a reverse flow, the 2D valve has a saturated leakage rate at higher pressures, leading to an interesting fluid diode phenomenon, while the 3D valve has zero leakage at higher pressures.
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