CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in M.S. Thesis, December 2001, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
CMOS-Compatible Fluidic Chip Cooling Using Buried Channel Technology
D. Gaugel
We present a CMOS-compatible method of fabricating buried channels within bulk single-crystal silicon serving as the substrate of CMOS circuitry. The channels were designed to provide a compact, forced convection heat transfer liquid cooling approach to microprocessor and integrated circuit thermal management. The baseline fabrication process consumes less than 8 % of surface area and serves as a foundation for further area reduction, potentially leading to incorporation of buried-channel cooling with CMOS electronics. A microchannel heat transfer solution was designed, simulated, processed, and tested with a liquid cooling data acquisition system. Compatibility with CMOS was characterized by evaluating the post-process transistor performance of a simple oscillator circuit.
© 2001 Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
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