CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication Abstract


in Proceedings of CLEO 2003 (CLEO), June 1-6, 2003, Baltimore, MD.
A Single-Crystal Silicon-Based Micromirror with Large Scanning Angle for Biomedical Applications
H. Xie, A. Jain, T. Xie, Y. Pan and G. Fedder
This paper reports a single-crystalline silicon (SCS)-based micromirror with large scanning angle (up to 31°) which can be used for biomedical imaging. The micromirror is fabricated by using a deep reactive-ion-etch (DRIE) post-CMOS micromachining process. Thin bimorph actuation structures and movable bulk silicon structures are simultaneously achieved. The micromirror is 1 mm by 1 mm in size, coated with aluminum, and thermally actuated by an integrated polysilicon heater. The radius of curvature of the mirror surface is about 50 cm. The mirror rotates 31° at 9mA. The resonant frequency of the device is 380 Hz.
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Full paper not available from outside CMU

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