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in Proceedings of 2003 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (IMECE), pp. 15-24, MEMS-Vol. 5, November 15-21, 2003, Washington DC, USA.
Computer-Aided Synthesis of Microscale Electrophoretic Separation Systems in Confined Areas
A. J. Pfeiffer, T. Mukherjee and S. Hauan
Complex designs result from the desire to create compact microscale electrophoretic devices in confined chip areas. Knowledge of how the interconnectivity of electrophoretic channel sections effects chip performance is necessary to develop feasible and efficient designs. In this paper, we demonstrate an approach for the design and synthesis of microscale electrophoretic systems using computer aided simulation and optimization. We have investigated serpentine and spiral channel topologies which are commonly found in the literature. This approach is demonstrated for the design of systems in confined areas as well as the design of systems that utilize minimal area. Device performance will be evaluated in terms of plate number and resolution and limited by available voltage, detector and fabrication constraints.
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