CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication List


1. R. Carley, R. T. El-Sayed, D. F. Guillou, J. F. Alfaro, G. Fedder, S. Schlosser, D. Nagle, G. Ganger and J. Bain, MEMS memory elements, in Proceedings of the 2001 Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium (NVMTS '01), pp. 1-5, November 7-8, 2001, San Diego CA.
[Abstract] | Full paper not available from outside CMU
2. R. Carley, J. Bain, G. Fedder, D. Greve, D. F. Guillou, M. S. Lu, T. Mukherjee, S. Santhanam, L. Abelmann and S. Min, Single-Chip Computers with Microelectromechanical Systems-Based Magnetic Memory, in Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 87, Issue 9, pp. 6680-6685, May 2000.
[Abstract] | Full paper not available from outside CMU
3. J. Liu, M. Noman, J. Bain, T. Schlesinger and G. Fedder, CMOS-MEMS Probes for Reconfigurable IC’s, in PUBLICATION NAME NOT AVAILABLE (Unknown '00), pp. 515-518, November 30, -0001.
[Abstract] | pdfs//unknown/0273_liu-0000.pdf This paper is not yet available for download.
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