CMU MEMS Laboratory Publication List


1. J. Wu, G. Fedder and R. Carley, A Low-Noise Low-Offset Capacitive Sensing Amplifier for a 50-μg/ÖHz Monolithic CMOS MEMS Accelerometer, in IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Volume 39, Issue 21, pp. 722-730, May 2004.
[Abstract] | Full paper (PDF)
2. J. Wu, Sensing and Control Electronics for Low-Mass Low-Capacitance MEMS Accelerometers, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2002, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
[Abstract] | Full paper (PDF)
3. J. Wu, G. Fedder and R. Carley, A Low-Noise Low-Offset Chopper-Stabilized Capacitive-Readout Amplifier for CMOS MEMS Accelerometers, in Proc. of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC '02), pp. 428-429, 478, February 4-6, 2002, San Francisco, California.
[Abstract] | Full paper (PDF)
4. J. Wu and R. Carley, Table-Based Numerical Macromodeling for MEMS Devices, in Technical Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems (MSM '01), pp. 579-582, March 19-21, 2001, Hilton Head, SC, USA.
[Abstract] | Full paper not available from outside CMU
5. J. Wu and R. Carley, A Table-Based Time-Domain Simulation Method for Oversampled Microelectromechanical Systems, in Proceedings of 2000 IEEE/ACM/VIUF Intl. Workshop on Behavioral Modeling and Simulation (BMAS '00), pp. 37-41, October 19-20, 2000, Orlando, FL, USA.
[Abstract] | Full paper (PDF)
6. G. Fedder, D. T. Barkand, S. Bedair, N. Garg, J. Greenblatt, R. Jin, D. N. Lambeth, N. Lazarus, T. R. Rozzi, S. Santhanam, L. Schultz, J. L. Snyder, L. Weiss and J. Wu, Jetted Nanoparticle Chemical Sensor Circuits for Respirator End-of-Service-Life Detection, in PUBLICATION NAME NOT AVAILABLE (Unknown '00), pp. 2 pp, November 30, -0001.
[Abstract] | pdfs//unknown/0280_fedder-0000.pdf This paper is not yet available for download.
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