Efficient On-Chip Antennas at GHz Frequencies

  Phillippe Basset

Gary Fedder
Radiation gain pattern (E and H plane, HFSS simulation) of a 5*5*1.6 mm^3 printed antenna operating at 10 GHz
The project investigates the integration of an on-chip antenna for wireless sensor applications at GHz frequencies. The first phase of the work is the design and realization of antennas operating at 2.4 and 10 GHz on a classical PC-Board in order to study the consequences of a drastic reduction of the substrate size and the use of a high impedance ground plane.

In parallel, Novocell, a local company specializing in RF circuit design, is working on an autonomous chip that will allow wireless transmission of relevant data from any kind of external sensors via the antenna. The first run of the chip will be fabricated in the Jazz SiGe BiCMOS process at a working frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Depending of the first experiment^Òs results, a second chip working at 10 GHz should be realized with the antenna fabricated in the top metal layer of the chip.



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