CMOS-MEMS Gravimetric Biosensor
  A hydraulics-based microfluidic pump in mock-CMOS micromachining
  CMOS-MEMS Ultrasonic sensors
  Chip-based microdialysis system
  Low Power Reconfigurable RF LC VCO using MEMS based passives
  SYNBIOSYS Microfluidic Lab on a Chip Component Modeling
  Gas Sensors Using CMOS MEMS
  Fabrication and design rules for CMOS microstructures with sub-micron gaps
  Efficient On-Chip Antennas at GHz Frequencies
  RF CMOS-MEMS Mixer/Filter Devices
  CMOS/BICMOS Self-assembling and Electrothermal Microactuators for Tunable Capacitors
  CMOS MEMS Downconverting Mixer-Filter Array
  Silicon-Neuron Interface
  Behavioral Modeling and Simulation of MEMS Electrostatic and Thermomechanical Effects
  Damping in CMOS-MEMS Resonator

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