18-847 Readings (Fall 2010)

Each class meeting will have required readings, to be discussed in class. Usually, these readings will consist of relevant technical papers or articles. Many of these readings are available on the web at other locations, but some will be provided directly from this site. However, please note that online versions provided by this site are only available when accessed from a 128.2.* (CMU) IP address.

The readings listed should be read BEFORE class on the assigned day. Otherwise, how could you participate in the discussion?

December 1st: Class project presentations

November 29th: Class project presentations

November 24th: No Class (Thanksgiving)

November 22nd: Two more papers (#1 Yi Z.; #2 Bin F.)

November 17th: Incremental processing (#1 Vijay V.; #2 Iulian M.)

November 15th: Cloud storage (#1 Nitin G.; #2 Luis B.)

November 10th: VM image storage (#1 Justin M.; #2 Richard M.)

November 8th: VMware vCloud Director and cloud marketplaces (no CMU lead)

November 3rd: More cluster/scalable OSs/schedulers (#1 Alexey T.; #2 Jim C.)

November 1st: Berkeley cluster scheduling papers (#1 Ilari S.; #2 Lianghong X.)

October 25th and 27th: No class meeting

October 20th: Google Apps (Bin F., Lin X., Luis B., Justin M.)

October 18th: Microsoft Azure (Jim C., Nitin G., Richard M., Iulian M.)

October 13th: Amazon AWS (Lianghong X., Ilari S., Alexey T., William W.)

October 11th: Cloud provider building blocks (#1 Yi Z.; #2 Vijay V.)

October 6th: Doing up virtual machines (#1 Bin F.; #2 Lin X.)

October 4th: Cloud Computing and some folks' thoughts (#1 Ilari S.; #2 Alexey T.)

September 29th: No class meeting due to Open Cirrus summit at CMU

September 27th: Large tables (#1 Justin M.; #2 Reinhard M.)

September 22nd: Higher-level languages (#1 Iulian M.; #2 William W.)

September 20th: Parallel DBMSs (#1 Nitin G.; #2 Lianghong X.)

September 15th: Others (#1 Yi Z.; #2 Luis B.)

September 13th: MapReduce (#1 Vijay V.; #2 Jim C.)

September 8th: First day of class (overview papers)