Second Carnegie Mellon Conference in Electric Power Systems:

Monitoring, Sensing, Software and Its Valuation

for the Changing Electric Power Industry






7:30 a.m.




8 a.m.

Recent Developments Session 1


Chair: Louis Wehenkel, University of Liege


William Premerlani, Bogdan Kasztenny, Mark Adamiak, GE Research -


"SynchroPhasors: Definition, Measurement, and Application"


Khosrow Moslehi, A. B. Ranjit Kumar, Peter Hirsch, ABB - "Valuating


Infrastructure for a Self-Healing Grid"


Charles Wells, OSISoft - "Detecting Grid Instabilities Using Real Time


Synchronized Phasor Calculations"


Howard Illian, Independent Consultant - "Frequency Response and


Frequency Responsive Reserve Measurement"



10:30 a.m.




10:45 a.m.

Recent Developments Session 2


Chair: Bruce Krogh, Carnegie Mellon University


Mariesa Crow and Bruce McMillin, University of Missouri-Rolla -


"Improving Power Transmission Efficiency and Reliability through


Hardware/Software Co-Design"


Steven Rovnyak and Kejun Mei, Indiana University - Purdue University -


"Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Response-Based One-Shot




Yong Tae (Philip) Yoon, Seoul National University - "Research and


Development in Consumer Portals for Active Management and


Monitoring of the Distribution System in Korea"


Mohammad Shahidehpour, Illinois Institute of Technology - "Security-


Constrained Optimal Maintenance Scheduling in Power Systems"


Ali Abur, Northeastern University - "Impact of Phasor Measurement Units


on Network Monitoring and Error Detection"



12:45 p.m.




1:30-3:30 p.m.





Session 1: Don McGillen, CyLab Director, Carnegie Mellon


Sila Kiliccote, Mary Ann Piette, and David Hansen, Lawrence Berkeley


National Laboratory and Department of Energy - "Advanced Controls


for Guaranteeing Demand Response Response in Commercial Buildings"


Stratford Douglas, Hyungna Oh, Asawari Moholkar, and


Powsiri Klinkhachorn, West Virginia University - "System Reliability and


Price Responsiveness of Residential Loads"


Louis Wehenkel, University of Liege, Belgium - "Multi-Area Security


Assessment and Control: A Framework Porposal"


Doug McLaughlin, Southern Co. - "Reactive Support and Dynamic




Mark Lively, Lively Utility - "Achieving a Robust Market on the


Distribution Grid"




Session 2: Rolf Kunneke, Delft University


Jay Apt, Carnegie Mellon - "The Spectrum of Power from Wind Turbines"


M. N. Bandyopadhyay, ---, - "Transformer Diagnostics in the Practical Field"


Paul Hines, Jay Apt, Huaiwei Liao, Sarosh Talukdar, Carnegie Mellon -


"The Frequency of Large Blackouts in the U.S. Electrical Transmission




Huaiwei Liao, Carnegie Mellon - "Identification of Harmonic Sources by


Underdetermined State Estimator


Lizhi Wang and Mainak Mazumdar, ---, - "A Multi-Objective Formulation


of ISO's Optimal Power Flow Problem Using Probabilistic Criteria"


Marija Ilic and Le Xie, Carnegie Mellon - "Overlapping Decomposition


of Load Flow Jacobian for Static Voltage Stability Index in Interconnected


Power Systems"



3:30 p.m.

Closing Session and Plans for Next Year's Conference



4 p.m.


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