Second Carnegie Mellon Conference in Electric Power Systems:

Monitoring, Sensing, Software and Its Valuation

for the Changing Electric Power Industry




DAY 1:




7:30 a.m.

Registration and Coffee/Tea

8:00 a.m.

WELCOME: Pradeep Khosla, Carnegie Mellon Engineering Dean

8:15 a.m.

Academic View of Technological Challenges and Opportunities


Chair: Helen Gill, NSF


Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University - "Toward Model-Based


Information Structures for the Changing Electric Power Industry"


Sarosh Talukdar, Carnegie Mellon University - "Can the Blackouts


Be Prevented?"


Louis Wehenkel, University of Liege - "About Automatic Learning for


Advanced Sensing and Control of Electric Power Systems"



10 a.m.




10:15 a.m.

Academic View of Economic and Regulatory Incentives for Deploying
Monitoring, Sensing and Advanced Software


Chair: William Ball, Southern Co.


Lester Lave, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University -


"Market Imperfections in Deploying Transmission Software"


Rolf Kunneke, Delft University - "The Economic Need for Advanced


Monitoring and Sensing in Electricity Transmission Networks"


Gerald Sheble, Iowa State University - "Asset Performance Management


Derived Price Signals"


Shmuel Oren, University of California at Berkeley - "Proactive Economic


Assessment of Transmission Investments in Restructured Electricity Markets"


Lynne Kiesling, Northwestern University - "Reliability Insurance and Value of


Flexibility in the Changing Electric Power Industry," University of Chicago



12:15 p.m.



Chair: Steven Bossart, NETL


Speaker: Granger Morgan, Carnegie Mellon University



1:15 p.m.

Government View of Technological Challenges and Opportunities


Chair: S. Kennedy Fell, CIO NYISO


Steven Bossart , NETL - "Creating the Modern Grid: Launching a National


Effort to Accelerate Grid Modernization"


Michael Kass, NIST - "The SAMATE Project and Its Relation to SCADA"


Helen Gill, NSF - "High Confidence Computing Technology and Power Grid




Richard O'Neill, U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Invited)


Eric Allen (on behalf of NERC), NYISO - "The Role of Software in August


2003 Blackout and Subsequent Investigations"



3 p.m.




3:15 p.m.

Industry View of Challenges and Opportunities


Chair: Shmuel Oren, UC Berkeley


William Ball, Southern Co. - "Increasing Grid Utilization through Creativity"


Navin Bhatt, AEP (Invited) - "Transmission Technologies/R&D Program:


Strategic/Tactical Direction"


S. Kennedy Fell, CIO and VI IT NYISO - "ISO/RTO Technology Challenges


and Future Directions"


Randy Schreiber, Le Tang, and Zhenyuan Wang, ABB North Carolina -


"The Future of Power System Monitoring and Control Applications"


Brian Bowers, Raytheon - "Visualization and Control Techniques in


Net-Centric Warfare"


Jeff Roark, TVA - "Redefining Merchant Transmission, and Making It Happen"



5:45 p.m.




6:30 p.m.



Chair: Ed Schlesinger, ECE Department Head, Carnegie Mellon University


Speaker: The Honorable Branko Terzic, Deloitte Services, LP and former


Commissioner FERC and Wisconsin PSC


"How Utility Regulation Affects the Pace of Technology Adoption"

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