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At various EGO events, videos are either produced or recorded for posterity and mutual embarrassment. These videos can be viewed in your browser below, or downloaded as a wmv/avi file.

2008 Winter Party Variety Show - 56m
This video is currently only available as a flash video. Click the player below to view it.

2003 Winter Party Video (wmv) - 26m
This video, titled 'The Wizard of Oz: The Untold Story' was created as entertainment for the 2003 Winter Party. It is a parody of several movie titles focused on the search for a thesis in order to graduate. Stream the video below, or click on the title above to download in .wmv format.

2002 Winter Party Talent Show (avi) - 1h6m
This is a video of the Talent Show from the 2002 Winter Party. Stream the video below by clicking play, or download the video in .wmv format by clicking above.


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