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eQ Points

In recognition for service to EGO, we award 'eQ Points' to any and all graduate students who volunteer to help us plan and execute the many services that we provide.

How do I earn eQ Points?

There are many ways to earn eQ Points. The two largest opportunities are the Fall Picnic and Winter Party held annually near the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. We strive to award points based on the work required for a given task, a sample of jobs required each year is listed below. The point values given are estimates, and are revisited each year to ensure fairness. Our revised policy is summarized here. If you have any questions on how we determine the points to award for each position, please contact the eQ Points Manager (ego+eq [at] ece).

Event Chairperson25 points
Committee Chairperson10 points
Committee Member5 points

In addition, points are awarded for the various officer positions (list of positions). Most officers and czars receive 25 eQ points for every year served on the committe, while poster-ers receive 2 eQ points per event postered.

How do I check how many points I have?

The updated list of eQ Points can be found here.

How do I redeem eQ Points?

The best way to redeem your eQ Points is to apply them towards the cost of any EGO sponsored event at a rate of $1/point. Thus, if you have 10 eQ Points and you would like to purchase a $35 ticket to see a play downtown with EGO, you can use the 10 eQ Points and only pay $25 for the ticket (if you have 35 points, you can attend for free). Simply inform the event organizer that you would like to pay with eQ points.

Alternatively, we are in discussion about offering ECE shirts or other apparel in exchange for eQ points. Stay tuned for more information


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