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Insider's Guide 2012
The most recent revision of the ECE Insider's Guide, a definitive guide to life in the ECE Department for Graduate Students, written and maintained by EGO. The guide covers everything from program requirements to the grad lounge, and includes countless tips designed to make the adjustment to Carnegie Mellon University as effortless as possible.

Archive of previous Insider's Guide Editions
A new guide is released annually, and old versions are archived here.

Portugal Insider's Guide 2012
Guide designed for students participating in the CMU Portugal Program in Portugal.

eQ Points List
Maintained by the eQ Points Manager, the eQ Points List reflects the most recent account of every graduate student's current eQ Point holdings. eQ Points can be redeemed for rewards. Any questions should be directed to the eQ Points manager.

Archive of Previous eQ points Lists
Every time a new list is released, the previous versions are archived to this folder.

eQ Points Distribution Memo - 5/24/2007
Released May 2007. This memo details the points distribution scheme for all major and minor events sponsored by EGO.

2003 Winter Party Video (wmv) - 129 MB, 26m
This video, titled "The Wizard of Oz: The Untold Story" was created as entertainment for the 2003 Winter Party. It is a parody of several movie titles focused on the search for a thesis in order to graduate. This video can be streamed from the videos page.

2002 Winter Party Talent Show (avi) - 289 MB, 1h6m
This is a video of the Talent Show from the 2002 Winter Party. This video can be streamed from the videos page.


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