18-899 Midterm report

by Jan Tai and Lisa Werner

The longterm goal of the project is to implement H.320 for video conferencing. The goal of the midterm project is to implement the video decoder and encoder for H.263.

H.263 is made up of a source coder and a video multiplexer. The source coder implements the discrete cosine transform and the quantizer, and the video multiplexer implements the Huffman code.

The project is being implemented in C++ and has been run on UNIX stations using a gcc compiler. By taking a .yuv video from the 18-899 directory, one can compare the original sequences with the sequences processed by H.263 via xview.


1. Discrete Cosine Transform:

The discrete cosine transform and inverse discrete cosine transform has been implemented and tested successfully.

2. Quantizer:

The quantizer and inverse quantizer has been implemented and tested successfully .

3. Huffman Code:

The Huffman encoder and decoder has been implemented and is currently being tested.