3D Audio Techniques and Applications


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3D Audio Techniques and Applications



What Use is 3D Audio

Spatial Audio Systems

Two-Channel System (Stereo)

Multichannel Systems (Surround Sound)

A History of Surround Sound (1)

History of Surround Sound (2)

Dolby Surround Sound Systems

Current Surround Techniques

Ambisonics (1)

Ambisonics (2)

Spatial Audio Systems

How We Localize Sounds

First Class of Cues

Second Class of Cues

Binaural recordings (1)

Binaural Recordings (2)

Binaural Recordings (3)

Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF’s)

How to measure HRTF’s (1)

How to measure HRTF’s (2)

HRTF-Based Systems

Convolvotron (1)

Convolvotron (2)

Research Problems

References (1)

References (2)

Questions & Answers

Author: Mohamed Alkanhal & Deepak Turaga