Team 6: The BIG Endians


System documentation



Team Name:         The BIG Endians
Project Title:     Street-Smart (GPS simulation system)
Team Number:       6
Team members

Henry Chen

Junjie Lu

Jaime Rodrigo Oviedo Silva

Shahyan Currimbhoy

Ming Zhao


Team Roles:

·        Client-Side Development: Ming Zhao & Shahyan Currimbhoy

·        Database: Jaime Oviedo

·        Business Logic: Jaime Oviedo

·        EJB Development: Heng Chen & Junjie Lu

·        Documentation: Shahyan Currimbhoy

·        Testing: Everyone

·        Configuration Manager: Jaime Oviedo

·        Web Master: Ming Zhao

 Baseline Application Description:

Street-Smart is an innovative implementation of the GPS (Global Positioning System). It is a navigation utility that enables the user to find directions to his/her destination quickly and efficiently.

For our examples, we will use some information of the Shadyside neighborhood:

New in the city? Dont know how to reach your destination? Are you lost? Now there is no need to worry, simply use Street Smart:

·        While in your car (client), simply turn the Street-Smart device on and send us your destination address.

·        The Street-Smart satellites will identify your location along with your car ID number and relay it back to the Street-Smart server.

·        The server will then calculate the shortest path from your current address to your destination and send this information back to you.

·        If you take a wrong turn, dont worry. Since Street-Smart is constantly guiding you (as long as the Street-Smart device is kept activated in your car), it will recalculate the path using your current location and redirect you accordingly.

A more detailed outline of the project can be found in the appendix (in the form of use cases).


·        Front-end: Java Swing (GUI)

·        Operating System: Multi-platform

·        Middleware: EJB

·        Language: J2SE (on client), J2EE (on server)

Third Party Software:

·        EJB Container: JBoss

·        Database: MySQL

Baseline Application Features:

·        The client (driver) will turn on the Street-Smart device in the car in order to establish a connection.

·        This device, when turned off will end the connection.

·        The client will send the desired destination street name to Street-Smart.

·        Street-Smart will send the directions (the following street name in the path) back to the client.

·        Street-Smart will send additional information in the direction (whether to turn left or right on the following street) (optional).

Reliability Requirements:

·        If one GPS Server crashes, it will restart automatically.

·        If one GPS Server crashes, another server will take over within 5 seconds of its occurrence.

·        After the crash, the server will reboot itself and become active (with up-to-date information) within 60 seconds.

Real-Time Requirements:

·        Street-Smart will support up to 420 (estimate) concurrent clients.

·        While connected, the client will receive up-to-date information within a 5-second latency.

 Performance Requirement:

·        After turned on, the client will receive the position information in approx 10 seconds

·        The client will get the latest information about the position and direction in approx every 3 seconds continuously

·        Each time the client query about the position information, he/she will get the information in 5 seconds.



Baseline Application


Use cases

Test cases


Fault-Tolerant Baseline Application


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Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Baseline Application


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