18-845: Internet Services
Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2005

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Prof. David O'Hallaron, droh@cs.cmu.edu, WeH 8125, (412)268-8199, Office hours: Mon 2-3pm.
(These are my nominal hours. Drop by or call any time.)

Harvey Vrsalovic (TA), harveyv@ece.cmu.edu, Hamburg 2201, (412) 268-6480,
Office hours: Mon and Wed 2:30-3:30


Class times: Mon and Wed, 12:30-2:00, WeH 8427
Admistrative Asst: Barb Grandillo, bag@cs.cmu.edu, WeH 8018, (412)268-7550
Web page: www.ece.cmu.edu/~ece845
Newsgroup: cmu.ece.class.ee845 (note: ee845, not ece845)
Course directory: /afs/ece/class/ece845

Reference material

There is no required textbook for 18-845.

The following books by Stevens are the standard references for Unix network programming:

The CS:APP text, which is available in the campus bookstore and on reserve in the Engineering library, covers system-level programming topics such as dynamic linking, process control, Unix I/O, the sockets interface, writing Web servers, and application level concurrency and synchronization:

Course schedule

Legend: IP: individual project, GP: group project

Class Date Day Topic Projects Discussion Leader(s)
1 01/10 Mon Welcome Dave O'Hallaron
2 01/12 Wed Tour of Internet services IP out Dave O'Hallaron
3 01/17 Mon No class - MLK Day
4 01/19 Wed System design principles Dave O'Hallaron
5 01/24 Mon High performance servers Charles Fry (cfry)
6 01/26 Wed Measuring server capacity Andrew Widdowson (apw2)
7 01/31 Mon Improving server performance Supiti Buranawatanachoke (sburanaw)
8 02/02 Wed Internet Suspend/Resume IP due, 12:30pm Dave O'Hallaron
9 02/07 Mon No class - Mid-term break
10 02/09 Wed Machine virtualization Dave O'Hallaron
11 02/14 Mon VM monitors Ian Kalinowski (igk) and Gaurav Mehta (gmehta)
12 02/16 Wed VM migration Gautam Kedia (gkedia) and Srikant Varadan (svaradan)
13 02/21 Mon GP proposals
14 02/23 Wed Clustering - LARD GP abstracts due, 12:30pm Akshay Kawale (akawale)
15 02/28 Mon Monitoring - Sting Tudor Dumitras (tdumitra)
16 03/2 Wed Monitoring - Tulip Barry Hon (bhon)
17 03/7 Mon No class - Spring break
18 03/09 Wed No class - Spring break
19 03/14 Mon Unstructured overlays - Freenet Terry Zhu (ttzhu) and Bruce Kao (bkao)
20 03/16 Wed Unstructured overlays - Gia Pranav Goel (pranavg) and Eric Li (ewli)
21 03/21 Mon Content distribution - BitTorrent Woon Ho Jung (whj)
22 03/23 Wed Content Distribution - Slurpie Charles Fry (cfry)
23 03/28 Mon Content Distribution - ESM John Bucy (bucy)
24 03/30 Wed Content distribution - Bullet Harvey Vrsalovic (harveyv)
25 04/4 Mon GP progress reports (see below)
26 04/6 Wed GP progress reports (see below)
27 04/11 Mon Consistent hashing Kanat Tangwongsan (ktangwon)
28 04/13 Wed Structured overlays - Chord/CAN Jatin Sha (jsshah) and Rajat Venkatesh
29 04/18 Mon No class - GP demos
30 04/20 Wed No class - GP demos GP demos due, 12:30pm
31 04/25 Mon No class - Poster prep
32 04/27 Wed GP poster session (Intel Lab, 410 CIC) GP posters due, 12:00pm Entire class

Detailed course schedule

Students who are not leading the discussion for a particular class should prepare
a 1-page critique for each paper denoted by a "*".

Bring a hardcopy (no email) of your critique with you to class and give it to the TA before class.
He will grade it and return it to you next class.

Class 1: Welcome (Mon 1/10)

Discussion leader: Dave O'Hallaron

Class 2: A tour of Internet services (Wed 1/13)

Discussion leader: Dave O'Hallaron

Class 3: No class - MLK day (Mon 1/17)

Class 4: System design principles (Wed 1/19)

Discussion leader: Dave O'Hallaron

Class 05: High-performance servers (Mon 1/24)

Discussion leader: Charles Fry (cfry)

Class 6: Measuring server capacity (Wed 1/26)

Discussion leader: Andrew Widdowson (apw2)

Class 7: Improving server performance (Mon 1/31)

Discussion Leader: Supiti Buranawatanachoke (sburanaw)

Class 8: Internet Suspend/Resume (Wed 2/2)

Discussion leader: Dave O'Hallaron

Class 9: No class - Mid-term break (Mon 2/7)

Class 10: Machine virtualization (Wed 2/9)

Discussion leader: Dave O'Hallaron

Class 11: VM monitors (Mon 2/14)

Discussion leaders: Ian Kalinowski (igk) and Gaurav Mehta (gmehta)

Class 12: VM Migration (Wed 2/16)

Discussion leaders: Gautam Kedia (gkedia) and Srikant Varadan (svaradan)

Class 13: GP proposals (Mon 2/21)

Discussion leader: Entire class

Class 14: Clustering - LARD (Wed 2/23)

Discussion leaders: Akshay Kawale (akawale)

Class 15: Monitoring - Sting (Mon 2/17)

Discussion leader: Tudor Dumitras (tdumitra)

Class 16: Monitoring - Tulip (Wed 3/2)

Discussion leader: Barry Hon (bhon)

Class 17: No class - Spring break (Mon 3/7)

Class 18: No class - Spring break (Wed 3/9)

Class 19: Unstructured overlays - Freenet (Mon 3/14)

Discussion leaders: Terry Zhu (ttzhu) and Bruce Kao (bkao)

Class 20: Unstructured overlays - Gia (Wed 3/16)

Discussion leaders: Pranav Goel (pranavg) and Eric Li (ewli)

Class 21: Content distribution - BitTorrent (Mon 3/21)

Discussion leader: Woon Ho Jung (whj)

Class 22: Content Distribution - Slurpie (Wed 3/23)

Discussion leader: Charles Fry (cfry)

Class 23: Content Distribution - ESM (Mon 3/28)

Discussion leader: John Bucy (bucy)

Class 24: Content Distribution - Bullet (Wed 3/30)

Discussion leader: Harvey Vrsalovic (harveyv)

Class 25: GP progress reports (Mon 4/4)

Discussion leaders: Bucy, Widdowson, Kalinowski/Jung, Fry, Kanat/Supiti

Class 26: GP progress reports (Wed 4/6)

Discussion leaders: Dumitras, Varadan/Mehta/Kedia, Goel/Venkatesh, Zhu/Hon, Kao/Li, Shah/Kawale

Class 27: Consistent hashing (Mon 4/11)

Discussion leaders: Kanat Tangwongsan (ktangwon)

Class 28: Structured overlays - Chord/CAN (Wed 4/13)

Discussion leader: Jatin Sha (jsshah) and Rajat Venkatesh

Class 29: No class - GP demos (Mon 4/18)

Class 30: No class - GP demos (Wed 4/20)

Class 31: No class - GP poster prep (Mon 4/25)

Class 32: GP poster session (Wed 4/27, Intel Lab, 410 CIC)

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