18-845: Internet Services
Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2002

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News and notes

General organization

Instructor: David O'Hallaron, droh@cs.cmu.edu, Wean Hall 8125, (412) 268-8199 TA: Saumitra Das, smdas+@andrew.cmu.edu, Hamburg Hall A012, (412) 268-3029 Administrative Assistant: Barb Grandillo, bag@cs.cmu.edu, Wean Hall 8018, (412) 268-7550
Class times: Tue and Thu, 12:30-2:00, Doherty Hall A317
Directions to DH A317: Enter the 5th floor of Wean Hall from the outside, turn right and head towards Doherty. Once in Doherty, take first hallway on left. A317 is on your right.

Web page: www.ece.cmu.edu/~ece845
Newsgroup: cmu.ece.class.ee845
Course directory: /afs/ece/class/ece845
Course mailing list: TBA

Reference material

There is no required textbook. However, the two volumes by Stevens on network programming are good references. We'll also use some draft chapters from the upcoming book:

Course schedule

IP: individual project, GP: group project
Class Date Day Topic Projects Discussion Leaderr(s)
1 01/15 Tue Introductions O'Hallaron
2 01/17 Thu Tour of Internet services IP out O'Hallaron
3 01/22 Tue I/O and network programming O'Hallaron
4 01/24 Thu Concurrent programming I O'Hallaron
5 01/29 Tue Concurrent programming II O'Hallaron
6 01/31 Thu Linking and exceptional control flow O'Hallaron
7 02/05 Tue Infrastructure services I O'Hallaron
8 02/07 Thu Infrastructure services II IP due, 12:30pm O'Hallaron
9 02/12 Tue High performance servers Saumitra Das (smdas)
10 02/14 Thu High performance servers Tom Madden (tmadden)
11 02/19 Tue High performance servers Glenn Judd (gjudd)
12 02/21 Thu Measuring server capacity Gene Soo (gsoo)
13 02/26 Tue Clustering Shaheen Gandhi (sgandhi)
14 02/28 Thu Clustering GP proposals due 12:30pm Xiyan Zhang (xiyanz)
15 03/5 Tue Domain Name Service Shivam Shah (skshah)
17 03/12 Tue Monitoring Alan Wang (alanw)
18 03/14 Thu Monitoring Chris Pallow (cwp)
19 03/19 Tue New network services Hen-i Yang (heni)
20 03/21 Thu New network services Asad Samar (asamar)
21 03/26 Tue Overlay networks Gautam Garg (ggarg)
22 03/28 Thu Overlay networks David Wang (wang4)
25 04/9 Tue GP status reports GP status reports Gandhi/Alan Wang, Samar, Judd, Ke/Kuo, Yang/Dhanuka
26 04/11 Thu GP status reports GP status reports Madden/Palow, Yeom, Soo/Garg, David Wang, Zhang, See
27 04/16 Tue Content distribution Yan Ke (yke)
28 04/18 Thu Caching dynamic content Jae-Seung Yeom (jyeom)
29 04/23 Tue OPEN
30 04/25 Thu Security Bert Kuo (bkuo)
31 04/30 Tue Search Anupam Dhanuka (adhanuka)
32 05/2 Thu Poster presentations GP report due Newell Simon Hall 3305

Class 1: Introductions (Tue 1/15)

Review of the course organization and student/teacher introductions.

Class 2: A Tour of Internet Services (Thu 1/17)

Part I: System programming overview

Class 3: I/O and Network Programming (Tue 1/22)

Class 4: Concurrent Programming I (Thu 1/24)

Class 5: Concurrent Programming II (Tue 1/29)

Class 6: Linking and exceptional control flow (Thu 1/31)

Class 7: Infrastructure I (Tue 2/5)

Class 8: Infrastructure II (Tue 2/7)

Part II: Research Issues

Note: A "*" denotes the paper to be critiqued.

Class 09: High-performance servers (Tue 2/12)

Discussion leader: Saumitra Das (smdas)

Class 10: High-performance servers (Thu 2/14)

Discussion leader: Tom Madden (tmadden)

Class 11: High-performance servers (Tue 2/19)

Discussion leader: Glenn Judd (gjudd)

Class 12: Measuring server performance (Thu 2/21)

Discussion leader: Gene Soo (gsoo)

Class 13: Clustering (Tue 2/26)

Discussion leader: Shaheen Gandhi (sgandhi)

Class 14: Clustering (Thu 2/28)

Discussion leader: Xiyan Zhang (xiyanz)

Class 15: Domain Name Service (Tue 3/5)

Discussion leader: Shivam Shah (skshah)

Class 16: NO CLASS (MIDTERM BREAK) (Tue 3/7)

Class 17: Monitoring (Tue 3/12)

Discussion leader: Alan Wang (alanw)

Class 18: Monitoring (Thu 3/14)

Discussion leader: Chris Pallow (cwp)

Class 19: New network services (Tue 3/19)

Discussion leader: Hen-i Yang (heni)

Class 20: New network services (Thu 3/21)

Discussion leader: Asad Samar (asamar)

Class 21: Overlay networks (Tue 3/26)

Discussion leader: Gautam Garg (ggarg)

Class 22: Overlay networks (Thu 3/28)

Discussion leader: David Wang (wang4)

Class 23: NO CLASS SPRING BREAK (Tue 4/2)

Class 24: NO CLASS SPRING BREAK (Thu 4/4)

Class 25: GP status reports (Tue 4/9)

Class 26: GP status reports (Thu 4/11)

Class 27: Content distribution (Tue 4/16)

Discussion leader: Yan Ke (yke)

Class 28: Caching dynamic content (Thu 4/18)

Discussion leader: Jae-Seung Yeom (jyeom)

Class 29: OPEN (Tue 4/23)

Class 30: Security (Tue 4/25)

Discussion leader: Bert Kuo (bkuo)

Class 31: Search (Tue 4/30)

Discussion leader: Anupam Dhanuka (adhanuka)

Class 32: Poster Presentations (Thu 5/2)

Newell Simon Hall 3305

Dave O'Hallaron
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