18-845 Critiques

During the course, students will take turns leading the discussion of research papers. Students who are not leading the discussion that day should prepare a 1-page critique that covers all of the papers marked with a "*" on the course home page. (In a couple of exceptional cases, when the papers are on different topics, you will be asked to write two separate critiques).

The purpose of the critiques is to ensure that you have carefully read and actively thought about one of the papers being presented that day, so that you you armed with good questions and points to stimulate the discussion, to encourage you to come to class, and to help you learn how to critically read and evaluate technical papers.

Use the following review template for all of your critiques.

Handing in your critiques

Critiques are due before the class in which the papers are discussed. Bring a hardcopy of your critique (no email) to class and give it to the TA, who will grade it and return it to you next class. Your two lowest critique scores will be dropped.

Late critiques and emailed critiques are not accepted.