18-843 Systems of Active Components

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Search course raw reference lists
Search CMU library
Search WWW
All references available from CMU library obtained
Author search on WWW for missing references
Other references requested via inter-library loan
Annotated Bibliography completed and put in draft.html
Draft abstract completed and put in draft.html
Outline completed and put in draft.html
1 WEEK BEFORE PRESENTATION Best of reading list assigned to class in consultation with instructor
Full copies of references put in course library
2 DAYS BEFORE PRESENTATION Presentation given to instructor
1 DAY BEFORE PRESENTATION Presentation put on web in .pdf format
SCHEDULED DATE Presentation made in class
1 WEEK AFTER PRESENTATION Draft paper completed and put in draft.html
Comments received from reviewers
2 WEEKS AFTER PRESENTATION Final paper put in topic.html
2nd round reviewer comments received
1 WEEK AFTER REVIEW Revised paper put in topic.html

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