Team 6: SURE

18-749: Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems
Spring 2005

Team Members & Roles:




Changki Kim

Requirement, Base Dev, FT Test, Doc

JungHo Kim

Env Set-up, Base Test, FT Dev, Doc

JaeHa Song

Requirement, Base Test, RT Dev, HP Test

Hee Won Lee

Env Setup, Base Dev, RT Dev

Jeong Wook Bang

Requirement, Base Dev, HP Test

Liyang Zhang*

Base Dev, FT Test, RT Dev, HP Test

Project Title:
TPC (Third Party Call) Gateway System Middleware
Baseline Application Description:
     TPC is one of the promising services that enable the internet web server to control 
     he call for voice service  between two pre-registered subscribers. It can make advanced
     stock trading, internet shopping and many other services  to be possible. These kinds of services
     require the internetworking technology between internet and telecommunication network.
     TPC gateway is the call control system that allows the third party call from web severs to
     setup the call between caller and callee. It has several network protocols for the functionality.
     TPC gateway is for that purpose. Hence, the system should satisfy reliability, real-time, and high performance.
     In this project, we focus on the three requirements and other things such as network protocol, 
     caller, and callee that will play their roles in simulated TPC service.


System Architecture:

Inital Baseline Requirement

Baseline Application Features:

Fault-Tolerance Requirements (FT)

Real-Time Requirements (RT)

High Performance Requirement (HP)

Baseline Application

1. Method (Interface)

2. Attribute (Structure)

3. Exception (error messages)

4. Status Definition

5. Data Storing

Behavior of each interface

Fault-Tolerant Baseline Application

Failure Scenarios/Failover/Fault Detetion

Fault Tolerance Test Doc(Scenarios/Interactions)-Mar/16/2005

Fault Baseline Java Sourrc File-Mar/16/2005

Current Status


Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Baseline Application

Current Status


High-Performance Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Baseline Application

Performance Test