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Our meeting time is 10:30 - 12:20; our meeting location is CIC 4th floor Hot Metal room by default.

Please sign up for future presentation times in our presentation sign up sheet:

Meeting Time Location Topic/Presenter Readings Slides
8/26/2014 Panther Hollow 0. Course description and logistics readings pdf ppt YouTube
9/3/2014 Panther Hollow 1. Memory System Research readings pdf ppt YouTube
9/9/2014 Panther Hollow 2. Kevin Hsieh readings pdf pptx (require andrew login) YouTube*
9/11/2014 Smithfield 3. Doru Popovici readings pdf pptx YouTube
9/16/2014 Smithfield 4. Amirali Boroumand readings pdf pptx YouTube
9/18/2014 Hot Metal 5. Yang Li readings pdf pptx YouTube
9/23/2014 Hot Metal 6. Hui and Jiyuan (Literature Survey) readings pdf pptx(Hui) pdf pptx(Jiyuan) YouTube
9/24/2014 Hot Metal 7. Jiyuan and Kevin (Literature Survey) readings pdf pptx(Kevin)
9/25/2014 Smithfield 8. Project ideas discussion readings
9/30/2014 Hot Metal 9. Doru and Yang (Literature Survey) readings pdf pptx(Doru) pdf pptx(Yang) YouTube
10/1/2014 Hot Metal 10. Yang and Amirali (Literature Survey) readings pdf pptx(Amirali)
10/2/2014 Hot Metal 11. DRAM Scaling by Kevin readings pdf pptx YouTube
10/7/2014 Hot Metal 12. Hui Wang readings pdf pptx YouTube
10/9/2014 Hot Metal 13. Jiyuan Zhang readings YouTube
10/14/2014 Hot Metal 14. Memory Consistency by Kevin and Hui readings pdf pptx(Kevin) pdf pptx(Hui) YouTube
10/14/2014 Hot Metal 14.5. Memory Consistency by Kevin and Hui YouTube
10/16/2014 Hot Metal 15. Memory Consistency by Doru and Yang readings pdf ppt(Yang) YouTube
10/21/2014 Hot Metal 16. Project Discussion by Amirali and Jiyuan YouTube
10/22/2014 Hot Metal 17. Project Discussion by Hui and Kevin YouTube
10/23/2014 Hot Metal 18. Project Discussion by Doru and Yang YouTube
10/30/2014 Smithfield 19. Milestone Presentation Kevin, Jiyuan, and Amirali readings pdf pptx(Kevin) pdf pptx(Jiyuan) YouTube
11/4/2014 Smithfield 20. Milestone Presentation Doru, Yang, and Hui
11/5/2014 Smithfield 21. Transactional Memory by Doru and Jiyuan readings YouTube
11/12/2014 Smithfield 22. Reliability I by Amirali readings YouTube
11/13/2014 Smithfield 23. Reliability II by Kevin readings pdf pptx(Kevin) YouTube
11/18/2014 Smithfield 24. Reliability III by Yang, Jiyuan, Doru, and Hui readings pdf pptx YouTube
11/20/2014 Oral Exam
12/3/2014 Smithfield 25. Q&A Session YouTube
12/4/2014 Smithfield 26. Short Milestone II presentations pdf pptx(Kevin) pdf pptx(Jiyuan) YouTube
12/12/2014 1:30pm Panthor Hollow 27. Final presentation pdf pptx(Kevin) pdf pptx(Jiyuan) YouTube(part 1) YouTube(part 2)
12/12/2014 4:00pm Panthor Hollow 27. Final poster session pdf(Kevin) pdf(Jiyuan)
12/15/2014 Final project report due

* Please send your gmail address to the TA ( if you are in class but have trouble accessing the Videos.

Other Important Dates

Last day of class: 12/5/2014
Final (oral) exams: 11/20/2014
Final grades due: 12/18/2014 4 PM

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