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Jiyuan's paper discussion is announced in "reading".
One out of three paper review is required, due on 10/14/2014.


Hui's paper discussion is announced in "reading".
One out of three paper review is required, due on 10/7/2014.


One required paper review is assigned, due on 9/28/2014.


Please check out the CALCM seminars today and tomorrow 
from the "CALCM Seminars" link in the navigation bar. 
You can optionally review these Seminars in our paper 
review site.


Please select 1 out of each 3 papers presented next week for review.
The reviews are due on the day it is presented.


Next week's schedule and required readings has been released. 
Please view the "Schedule" and "Readings" page for more detail.

9/3/2014 3 papers due on Sept. 6th

The due dates for reviewing 3 papers have been moved to Sept. 6, 2014.

9/3/2014 Please sign up for presentations

You can sign up for presentation slots in the following link

link to sign up sheet

8/31/2014 Next lecture date

Our next lecture is scheduled on Sept. 3, 2014.
Location is Panthor Hollow as by default.
Prof. Onur Mutlu will give a lecture on Memory.

8/31/2014 Paper reviews have been assigned

Paper reviews have been assigned.
Please make sure you send your 3 papers to me (Yixin)
in advance so that I can assign reviews for you.
Also, kindly remind you of their due dates are:
9/2/2014, 9/4/2014, 9/6/2014

8/26/2014 Assignments from first meeting

Background brush-up assignments
Homework 0: student information sheet (due September 2)
Book chapter (due September 2)
3 papers (due September 4)
Readings to prepare you for Research and Report Writing (due September 6)

8/26/2014 Please create an account for paper review site

Please create your account as soon as possible so that we can 
send you the paper for review. If you have any problem with 
the website, please let me know. 
(Send me an email at

You can register and log in the paper review site from the link 
"Paper Review Site" on the sidebar.

8/23/2014 Project ideas list has been updated

See Project page

8/12/2014 Our new course website is up, please note the following information

Classes will be at CIC 4th Floor Panther Hollow Room.

First class will be August 26, 2014.

If you have not taken either 447 or 740, you cannot take 742.
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