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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-===== 18-447 Introduction to Computer Architecture, Spring 2012 =====+=====18-742 Parallel Computer Architecture, Fall 2012=====
-Welcome to 18-447Introduction to Computer Architecture.+Welcome to 18-742Parallel Computer Architecture.
-===== Class Grade Distribution =====+Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday\\ 
 +Time: 4:30PM-6:20PM\\ 
 +Lecture room: Doherty Hall 1112\\
-Here is the distribution of course grades{{wiki:18447-class-statistics.pdf|Class Statistics}}+=====LaTeX Format for the Final Project Report (due by December 16th, 11:59pm)=====
-===== Please Fill Out Faculty Course Evaluations (FCEs) for 447 =====+Please use this {{:micro45-final-template.tar.gz|LaTeX format}}.
-**Please fill out course evaluations for 447.** Here is the message from Professor Mutlu, explaining why this is important.+=====Oral Exam Sign-up=====
-Dear 447 students,+Please sign up for the Oral Exam [[exam|here]].\\
-I hope you enjoyed 447 and both learned fundamentals and gained hands-on processor design experience in this course that you will use for years to come.+Location: __Hamerschlag Hall A305__\\
-Please fill out the online course evaluations for 447 and me by the deadline, May 15.+=====Literature Survey Grades===== 
 +Grades are out of 50. Below is the distribution of grades so that you have an idea of where you are with respect to other students in the course.
-Getting feedback from you is a very important aspect of the education I would like to give as a professorSo, please fill out the evaluation forms as thoroughly as possible. I carefully read all of the comments written, value them highly, and use them to improve all aspects of the course: the material, logistics, teaching, assignments, etc. I appreciate your help in making this course an enriching and hopefully exciting educational experience for future students. Of course, all comments you provide are anonymous.+Detailed feedback provided via emailPlease heed it regardless of what your grade is, and I would suggest especially doing more than heeding the feedback if your score is below 38.
-You can perform the evaluation at: [[http://cmu.onlinecourseevaluations.com|http://cmu.onlinecourseevaluations.com]]+48\\ 
-Also, if you would like to talk to me about anything, feel free to stop by my office next week (please make an appointment to make sure I am in). In particular, if you are interested in computer architecture research, thinking about taking 742 next semester, of looking for a job in computer architecture or a related area, I would be happy to help.+=====Final Project Report=====
-Thanks,+Final Project Reports are due by __December 16th2012, 11:59pm__.\\
-Onur+=====Project Poster Session=====
-===== Please Fill Out TA Evaluations =====+The Project Poster Session will take place on __December 14th, 2012, 1-4pm__.\\ 
 +Location: __Hamerschlag Hall, 1st floor (entrance) hallway__.\\
-In addition to the FCE, we would appreciate if you took a few minutes to provide feedback to our TAs as well. You can provide feedback via these anonymous surveys:+=====Oral Exam=====
-Chris Fallin: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CX28R6P+Oral exams will take place on __December 8th and 9th, 2012__.\\
-Lavanya Subramanian: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/27SKGLM+=====Literature Survey=====
-Abeer Agrawal: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CZJCNQ2+Literature Survey presentations will take place on __November 26th and 28th, 2012__ during class timePlease view the [[literature|presentation schedule.]]\\ 
 +Final presentation slides are due by __2pm__ on the day of the presentation.\\ 
 +The Literature Survey paper (writeup) has been canceled.\\
-===== Course Notices =====+=====Project Milestone 1=====
-  * There is no lecture on Jan 16, due to Martin Luther King Day. The first lecture will be held on Jan 18. (See our [[wiki:lectures|lecture schedule]] for more details.) +Project Milestone 1 presentations will take place on __October 26th2012__ during class time.\\ 
-  * There is no lab session on Jan 17. Lab sessions start on Jan 19. +Final presentation slides are due by __2pm__ on __October 26th2012__.\\
-  * Lab 1 and Homeworks 01 posted +
-  * Homework 2 posted (due February 13) +
-  * Lab 2 is released (due February 17) +
-  * Homework 3 posted (due February 27) +
-  * Lab 3 is released (due March 2) +
-  * Homework 4 posted (due March 19) +
-  * Lab 4 is released (due March 23) +
-  * Homework 5 posted (due April 2) +
-  * Lab 5 is released (due April 6) +
-  * Please fill out the {{wiki:18447-feedback.pdf|Feedback Sheet}} with any comments you have for us (due March 25). You can email your response to 447-instructors@ece.cmu.edu or turn in a hardcopy in class (anonymously if you wish) +
-  * Homework 6 posted (due April 16) +
-  * Lab 6 is released (due April 23) +
-  * The final exam will be on Thursday, May 10, at 5:30pm -- 8:30pm. The room is WEH 7500+
-  * Lab 7 is released (due May 4) +
-  * Regrade policy for Lab 6, and late-day policy for Lab 6 and Lab 7, updated on [[wiki:labs|Labs page]] +
-  * Additional office hours (see below) and final review session (Margaret Morrison A14Tue May 8, 5:30pm) announced. +
-  * Homework 7 posted. You do not need to turn it in. It is to help you prepare for the exam. +
-  * Final exam solutions posted. +
-  * Lab 7 grades released+
-=====Course Information=====+=====Project Proposals=====
-====Description====+Project proposals are due on __September 25th, 2012__. Please view the [[project|project statement]].
-Computer architecture is the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components and designing the hardware/software interface to create a computer that meets functional, performance, energy consumption, cost, and other specific goals. This course introduces the basic hardware structure of a modern programmable computer, including the basic laws underlying performance evaluation. We will learn, for example, how to design the control and data path hardware for a MIPS-like processor, how to make machine instructions execute simultaneously through pipelining and simple superscalar execution, and how to design fast memory and storage systems. The principles presented in the lecture are reinforced in the laboratory through the design and simulation of a register transfer level (RTL) implementation of a MIPS-like pipelined processor in Verilog. In addition, we will develop a cycle-accurate simulator of this processor in C, and we will use this simulator to explore processor design options.+=====Beginning of Classes=====
-Prerequisites: 18-240 and (15-213 or 18-243) and (18340 or 18341 or 18348 or 18349 or 18320) +The first class will be on __September 5th2012__. (No classes Aug 27th -- Sep 3rd.)
- +
- +
-====Meeting Times==== +
- +
-  * **Lecture**: MW 12:30pm -- 2:20pm, HH-B103 +
-  * **Lab** Section A: Tues 10:30am -- 1:20pm, HH-1112  (TA: Chris) +
-  * **Lab** Section B: Thurs 1:30pm -- 4:20pm, HH-1112  (TA: Lavanya) +
-  * **Lab** Section C: Fri 6:30pm -- 9:20pm, HH-1112  (TA: Abeer) +
- +
-  * **Final Exam**: Thurs May 10, 2012, at 5:30pm -- 8:30pm, Wean 7500 +
-====Textbooks==== +
-===Required Textbooks=== +
-  * Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software InterfaceFourth Edition by Patterson and Hennessy, Morgan Kaufmann/Elsvier. (Required) +
-  * HDL Compiler for Verilog Reference Manual by Synopsys, Inc. /afs/ece/class/ece447/docs/synopsys/top.pdf. +
-===Recommended Textbooks=== +
-  * Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond, Second Edition by Patt and Patel, McGraw-Hill. +
-  * Computer Organization by Hamacher, Vranesic, and Zaky, McGraw-Hill. +
-  * Computer Architecture and Implementation by Harvey Cragon, Cambridge University Press. +
-  * Structured Computer Organization by Andrew Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall.+
 =====Staff===== =====Staff=====
-Note: you may email the course instructor and TAs at <447-instructors@ece.cmu.edu>. 
 ^ ^ Name ^ E-mail ^ Office ^ Phone ^ Office Hours ^ ^ ^ Name ^ E-mail ^ Office ^ Phone ^ Office Hours ^
-| **Instructor** | [[http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu/|Onur Mutlu]] | <onur@cmu.edu> | Hamerschlag Hall A305 | 412-268-1186 | Wed2:30--3:30pm | +| **Instructor** | [[http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu/|Onur Mutlu]] | <onur@cmu.edu> | Hamerschlag Hall A305 | 412-268-1186 | Wed 2:30-3:30pm | 
-| **Grad TA** | [[http://c1f.net/|Chris Fallin]] | <cfallin@ece.cmu.edu> | CIC 4th Floor | | Fri. 2:00--4:00pm (HH-1304). **Extra End-of-Semester:** Sunday 3:00pm--5:00pm (CIC 4th Floor) | +| **TA** | HanBin Yoon | <hanbinyoon@cmu.edu> | CIC 4th Floor | | Mon/Fri 3:15-4:15pm |
-| **Grad TA** | Lavanya Subramanian | <lsubrama@ece.cmu.edu> | CIC 4th Floor | | Thu. 11:30am--1:30pm (HH-1304). **Extra End-of-Semester:** Saturday 1.00pm--3.00pm (HH 1304) | +
-| **Undergrad TA** | Abeer Agrawal | <abeera@andrew.cmu.edu> | | |**End-of-Semester:** Tuesday 3.00pm--5.00pm (HH 1303 Cluster) | +
-| **Admin Assistant** | [[http://www.ece.cmu.edu/directory/details/4615|Shannon Lown]] | <shannonh@ece.cmu.edu> | Hamerschlag Hall D-Level Course Hub | 412-268-5568 | |+