Oral Exam Signup - April 27th

Please sign up by editing this wiki page and entering your name over a slot marked 'Open.' Positions are allocated first come first serve, but PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO YOUR CLASSMATES:

  • don't edit anyone else's entry
  • if you would like someone's position politely ask them.
  • don't mess up the table formatting
Time Student
2:30pm Wei Lin
3:00pm Justin Meza
3:30pm HanBin Yoon
4:00pm Rachata Ausavarungnirun
4:30pm Kevin Chang
5:00pm Anoop Ramakrishna
5:30pm Open
6:00pm Kartikeya Goyal
6:30pm Gennady Pekhimenko
7:00pm Alexey Tumanov
7:30pm Kun Qian

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