Project Statement and Topics

The project statement and list of ideas are here: PDF

Feel free to do further reading on available topics, especially in the proceedings of the top computer architecture conferences.

Writing Resources

A useful list of papers about research writing in PDF format:

Some of the major conferences in the field:

Literature Review

Step 1: Pick 3 research papers broadly related to your project.
Step 2: (Due Wed, Mar 16th) - Send Onur list of papers with links to pdf copies, so that he can make comments and approve the selection.
Step 3: Prepare a 20-min presentation on the 3 selected papers - 20 talk, 10 minute Q&A
Step 4: Deliver presentation in class, April 4th and 6th.

The Goal
  • Understand the solution space and tradeoffs
  • Analyze and synthesize three papers
  • Explain how they relate to your project, how they can enhance it, or why your solution will be better
  • Read the papers very carefully
  • Attention to detail is important
Talk Content
  • The problem: What is the general problem targeted by the papers and what are the specific problems?
  • The solutions: What are the key ideas and solution approaches of the proposed papers?
  • Key results and insights: What are the key results, insights, and conclusions of the papers?
  • Tradeoffs and analyses: How do the solutions differ or interact with each other? Can they be combined? What are the tradeoffs between them? This is where you will need to analyze the approaches and find a way to synthesize a common framework to describe and qualitatively compare & contrast the approaches.
  • Comparison to your project: How do these approaches relate to your project? Why is your approach novel, different, better, or complementary?
  • Key conclusions and new ideas: What have you learned? Do you have new ideas/approaches based on what you have learned?

Approved selections

Anoop and Kartikeya
Alexey and Wei
Han, Justin, Rachata
Gennady and Kun
Kevin and Rachata

Project Progress

Anoop and Kartikeya
Alexey and Wei
Gennady and Kun
Han, Justin, and Rachata
Kevin and Rachata

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