14-817/18-739E Network Security and Management

VS for Vyas Sekar and LJ for Limin Jia


Date Instructor Topics Reading Notes
Tue 01/14 VS Course overview and Networking Basics (1)
HowToRead, HPProject
Thu 01/16 VS Networking Basics (2)
Assignment 1 out.
Tue 01/21 VS Background: Origins of SDN (1)
SDNHistory, 4D, Ethane
Scott Shenker's talk
Thu 01/23 VS Background: Origins of SDN (2)
Assignment 1 due
Tue 01/28 LJ Background: SDN APIs
OpenFlow, NOX Assignment 2 out
Watch Nick Feamster's interview with Martin Casado
Thu 01/30 LJ Controllers
ONIX, Resonance Watch Nick Feamster's interview with Teemu Koponen
Tue 02/04 VS Applications: Datacenters
Hedera, DevoFlow
Thu 02/06 VS Applications: Migration/Network virtualization
Nicira, FlowVisor
Tue 02/11 VS Applications: Load balancer
Ananta, Aster*x Assignment 2 due
Thu 02/13 LJ Abstractions: Programming Controllers
Frenetic, MAPLE Assignment 3 out
Tue 02/18 LJ Abstractions: Programming Controllers
Thu 02/20 LJ Challenges: Verification (1)
VeriFlow, headerSpaceAnalysis
Tue 02/25 LJ Challenges: Verification (2)
Thu 02/27 VS Challenges: Scalability (1)
Difane Assignment 3 due. Also read Martin's blog
Tue 03/04 VS Challenges: Scalability (2)
Controller, Kandoo, ElasticController
Thu 03/06 LJ Challenges: Debugging
NetworkDebug, AntEater
Tue 03/11 TBD No class: Spring break
Thu 03/13 TBD No class: Spring break
Tue 03/18 TBD Project proposals
Proposal due
Security and Management
Thu 03/20 LJ Challenges: Updates
ConsistentUpdate, Cons2
Tue 03/25 LJ Security: Applications (1)
FRESCO, SENSS, MovingTarget, Brocade, SecureForensics
Thu 03/27 LJ Security: Applications (2)
FRESCO, SENSS, MovingTarget, Brocade, SecureForensics
Tue 04/01 LJ Security: Problems
FortNOX, AvantGuard, SecureSDN
Advanced applications
Thu 04/03 LJ Fault tolerance
FatTire, CAP, Automatic
Tue 04/08 VS Management Middleboxes'
SIMPLE, FlowTags
Thu 04/10 TBD No class: Carnival
Tue 04/15 VS VM/Net Migration
Thu 04/17 VS WAN Engineering
Tue 04/22 LJ Measurement, wireless
OpenSketch, SDNANomaly, SoftRAN, OpenRadio
Wrap up
Thu 04/24 LJ SDN Future and Perspectives
Fabric, NFV, ATT Watch Nick Feamster's interviews with Dave Clark and Nick Mckeown
Tue 04/29 TBD No class: work on final project
Thu 05/01 TBD Project presentations

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