18-732 Spring 2015 Schedule
(Subject to change)
date topic inst. reading notes
13 Jan Introduction   CMU Computing Policy
CMU Policy on Cheating
15 Jan System model: Source code to execution      
20 Jan Attacks: Buffer overflows, format-string vulnerabilities, and other attacks   [Cowan+03, blexim02, teso01]
Optional: [AlephOne, Erlingsson07]
assignment 1 out
22 Jan Basic building blocks: separation, memory protection   [Saltzer+75]
Optional: [Wahbe+94]
27 Jan Basic building blocks: VMs, Java sandboxing LBSV [MR99] Optional: [GM03]  
29 Jan Isolation and confinement in Android      
3 Feb Control-flow integrity   [Abadi+09]  
5 Feb Run-time enforcement: enforceable properties YM [Schneider00] assignment 1 due
10 Feb exam 1      
12 Feb Web attacks LBSV Optional: [Jim+07] assignment 2 out
17 Feb Web defenses: Native client, app isolation   [Chen+11] Optional: [Ansel+11, Yee+09]  
19 Feb Crypto overview; software security architectures: Trusted Computing   [Parno+10, Sailer+04]  
24 Feb Software security architectures: Trusted Computing   [McCun+08]
Optional: [McCun+10]
assignment 2 due
26 Feb Static analysis: metacompilation   [Bessey+10, Engler+00]  
3 Mar Dynamic analysis   [Godef+05, Cadar+06]  
5 Mar Software model checking   [Clarke+04] Optional: [Vasud+13] assignment 3 out
10 Mar spring break      
12 Mar spring break      
17 Mar Software model checking BU    
19 Mar Programmer-assisted verification: SPARK WR   assignment 3 due
24 Mar exam 2      
26 Mar Building verifiable systems: seL4, hypervisors LJ [K+09, Vasud+13] assignment 4 out
31 Mar Language-based security: type systems      
2 Apr Language-based security: noninterference   [Ryan01, Volpano+96, Denning+77]  
7 Apr Noninterference (cont'd); Dynamic taint analysis   Optional: [Enck+10] assignment 4 due
9 Apr Security and usability (part 1)      
14 Apr Security and usability (part 2)     assignment 5 out
16 Apr no class; spring carnival weekend      
21 Apr Language-based security: security-typed languages WR    
23 Apr Language-based security: typed assembly language   [MCG+99]  
28 Apr wrap up + review     assignment 5 due
30 Apr exam 3      
Unless otherwise marked, lectures will be delivered by Lujo Bauer and will be taught from Pittsburgh.
LBSV = Lujo @ SV campus; LJ = Limin Jia; YM = Yannis Mallios; WR = Willard Rafnsson; RR = Rob Reeder; BU = Blase Ur
[ABEL09] M. Abadi, M. Budiu, U. Erlingsson, and J. Ligatti. Control-Flow Integrity: Principles, implementations, and applications. ACM TISSEC, 2009.
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