Example for Project 1, Part A

Initial Conditions

Step 1: Scenario

Step 2: Write requirements using precise words

Step 3: Write requirements using consistent terms

Step 4: Number requirements

Hey, they're already numbered! How about that.

Step 5: Write test cases

Step 6: Traceability

Step 7: Process audit (the checklist)

Step 1: Is there a scenario? Yes
Step 2: Do the requirements use only shall and should, or the words from lecture on 9/4? Yes
Step 3: Do the requirements use the terms given in the Interface section to describe sensors, actuators and controllers on the elevator? Yes
Step 4: Are the requirements numbered? Yes
Step 5: Is there a test given for each of the requirements? Yes
Step 6: Traceability - Does *each* requirement either support or not contradict *each* of the high-level requirements? Yes
Name: Xavier Q. Student (xqid@andrew.cmu.edu)