18649 - Requirements to Constraints Traceability

18649 <semester>
Group x - Student names and andrewIds

This table maintains traceability between the requirements behaviors and the constraints given for each module.

You must provide a row in this table for every behavioral requirement in the elevator control system, Sections 5 through 11. This will obviously involve adding rows to the table below. You do not need to create table rows for the environmental objects, Sections 1 through 4.  There constraints are already given in the columns.

If you modify the given behaviors for the DoorControl, CarPositionControl and Dispatcher, this traceability table should reflect what you hand in. So that might involve changing some of the given answers in the table. In other words, we want the table you hand in to reflect your project which will almost certainly involve you changing what we've given below. We've just seeded it with some answers that happen to match the examples we've provided in the assignment to get you going.

Be sure to include the name of each team member who did the traceability for each object.

Behavioral Requirements/Constraints 5.1 Doors closed when not at floor
5.2 Door reversal -> doors open
5.3 Doors keep moving
5.4 Identical commands
5.5 Overweight -> doors open
DoorControl - Completed by (Name, andrewid)

5.6.1 At a new floor --> open door
5.6.2 At a new floor --> set countdown
5.7.1 door open --> stop door

5.7.2 door open --> decrement Counter

5.8 door close --> stop door

5.9 countdown expired --> nudge door

5.10 overweight --> reopen

5.11 Set dwell

5.12 Set mDoorMotor

Behavioral Requirements/Constraints 6.1 Any door not shut -> Stop
6.2 Any door motor open -> Stop
6.3, 6.3.1  Adjacent value
6.4 EmergencyBrake -> Stop
6.5 Overweight -> Stop
DriveControl - Completed by (Name, andrewid)

6.6 (add requirement summary)


Behavioral Requirements/Constraints 7.1 Both lanterns not on at same time

LanternControl - Completed by (Name, andrewid)

7.2 (add requirement summary)


No constraints for 8 and 9

Behavioral Requirements/Constraints 10.1 One position at a time
10.2 Any doors open -> Display floor
10.3 Reflect actual floor, direction

CarPositionControl - Completed by (Name, andrewid)

10.4 (add requirement summary)


Behavioral Requirements/Constraints 11.1 Target valid
11.2 Can't go up from MaxFloor
11.3 Can't go Down from MinFloor

Dispatcher - Completed by (Name, andrewid)

11.4 (add requirement summary)