18649 - Acceptance Test Log

18649 <semester>
Group x - Student names and andrewIds

The table below describes the accpetance tests and summarizes the current acceptance test results.  For each submission, these results must be consistent with the code and test files submitted with that version of the portfolio.   Be sure to include all information listed in the project handouts.

Note:  "Time to complete" is the simulation time (from the stats file), NOT the elapsed real time it took to run the simulation.

Acceptance Test File
Test Status
Random Seed Used
Time to Complete
Performance Score
Test Results
Performance Monitoring Results*
Short run with light passenger arrivals distributed evenly over all floors.
all passengers delivered /
some passenger not delivered / passengers delivered with unsatisfactory performance
If you failed to deliver passengers: trace to the source of the problem, including file names, line numbers, and requirement numbers. This must also be recorded in your issue log. Stats from running Proj7PerformanceMonitor

*Note:  Performance monitoring results are only required for Project 7.  After project 7, you may remove this column from the table if you do not want to record the performance information.