18-649 Simulator Codebase

Last modified Nov 18th, 2015

This page provides downloads and release history for the simulator codebase.  Releases are ordered most-recent first, and each release lists bug fixes and changes.

Our intention is to provide you with a simulator that is as reliable and bug-free as possible.  However, as you know (or will find out), no software is perfect or bug free.  Read the bug-handling policy for details on how new code releases will be handled with respect to project deadlines.

Release History

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Note:  Unless otherwise noted, all changes are cumulative from version to version

Version 4.8.2 - simulator-4.8.2.tar.gz
Version 4.8.1 - simulator-4.8.1.tar.gz
Version 4.8 - simulator-4.8.tar.gz
Version 4.7 - simulator-4.7.tar.gz
Version 4.6 - simulator-4.6.tar.gz
Version 4.5 - simulator-4.5.tar.gz
Version 4.4 - simulator-4.4.tar.gz
Version 4.3 - simulator-4.3.tar.gz
Version 4.2b - simulator-4.2b.tar.gz
Version 4.2a - simulator-4.2a.tar.gz
Version 4.2 - simulator-4.2.tar.gz
Version 4.1a - simulator-4.1a.tar.gz
Version 4.1 - simulator-4.1.tar.gz
Version 4.0 - simulator-4.0.tar.gz
Version 3.4 - simulator-3.4.tar.gz
Version 3.3 - simulator-3.3.tar.gz
Version 3.2 - simulator-3.2.tar.gz
Version 3.1a - simulator-3.1b.tar.gz
Version 3.1a - simulator-3.1a.tar.gz
Version 3.1 - simulator-3.1.tar.gz
Version 3.0 - simulator-3.0.tar.gz

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