March 26 2013

Present : Gabriel, Phillip

  1. Tried to find threshold voltage that distinguishes 1 or 0
  2. Realized that we did not put ground => noisy data
  3. Some soldered pints are out. Need to re-solder
  4. Using ground, acquired more data, which looks cleaner.

March 24 2013

Present : Gabriel, Phillip, Samir

  1. Got more data for Black, Red, Cyan, etc
  2. Ordered print head but got an email that it is not specific. Sent again

March 23 2013

Present : Gabriel, Phillip

  1. Since last time we kept getting "Print error 49" (Temperature is too low). We brought mini heater and put it right next to the printer, and it works! Problem solved!
  2. Ordered more multi-pin ribbon cable so that we can reverse engineer.
  3. Ordered more print head just in case
  4. The data we came up with data acquisition equipment. It is a test page with black and white. Data

March 22 2013

After spring break, we were finally able to get data acquisition equipment.

  1. We finally were able to reverse engineer the print head. We soldered each part of thread and attached wire with it so that we can get teh data.
  2. We are developing android application for our own project
  3. Ordered battery connector for Arduino
  4. Ordered power connector for Arduino

March 5 2013

For our mid-semester demo, we showed couple accomplishments we made.

  1. We showed photos of decomposed printer. And we were able to find the print head that we want to reverse engineer
  2. We showed communication between Arduino and Android using bluetooth. We attached LED on bluetooth so that it can send signal from android to arduino. In our case, we send RGB value from android and LED emits the given color