Team Aether

May 3rd

We decided to change our project today so we could continue using embedded hardware. The Raspberry Pi has a driver issue with the Kinect and the BeagleBoard doesn't have the computation power to run the full version of OpenGL, so we had a decision of either setting up the Kinect with a laptop or using a mouse to interact with the image we are projecting and use a Raspberry Pi. Since, this class is Embedded Systesm Design we had to use the Raspberry Pi and have people interact with the image using a mouse. In hindsight, this might have been a good thing because it sped up the time each person took on our demo, meaning more people were able to use it. Below, is a video of our project and our poster.

You can find the poster here.

March 29th

We have most of our parts at this point. We also have our demo videos:

Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3

March 22nd

We have a working prototype for the projector air screen. Thus, we have mitigated the risk that the water might not be dense enough. The video doesn't have a working prototype but it has the earlier design which was flawed. But the new design works better. You can find a video of the demo at


March 5th

The Raspberry Pi and the kinect do not work together. We think this is because of a USB firmware bug in the Raspberry Pi. We are currently in the process of looking for a gumstix and buying a powered USB hub. In terms of parts, we still haven't received the nozzle and the corrugated plastic.

February 26th

Most of our parts haven't arrived yet.