Latest Updates

April 30, 2012
We finished the final system integration, and the ARDrone flies well with the glove controller! We are preparing for the public demo tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
February 12, 2012
We started preparing for the in class presentation on February 15, 2012; and finished updating the website.
February 12, 2012
We started to assemble the parts list for the quadrotor, as well as constructing the glove and IMU.

Working System Demo

Official System Demo here:

Demo 2


A person needs to buy an iPhone/iPad in order to play with an AR drone, the only type of commercialized drones today and it is certainly expensive to do so. Using our intuitive glove-control-system, the person can enjoy the same kind of mobility without having to pay for a costly mobile device.

The slides for in class presentation can be downloaded here


The AR Drone is a camera-mounted quadrotor which can be controlled by an interface app on iOS (iPhone or iPad) Our project differs in that instead of using an expensive iPhone or iPad to control the quadrotor, we use a glove controller instead.