• Deck of cards form factor: 3" x 3" x 1"
  • Long Battery Life
    • Configurable update frequency
      • 1 day @ once per 30 seconds
      • 1 month @ once per 15 minutes
    • Multi-month standby with wake on motion
  • Local data logging
  • PC-based software
    • Configuration
    • Offline data viewing

Inventek ISM300F2 — 20 Channel GPS High Altitude Capable$32.95(pdf) (NMEA Spec)
Taoglas AP.10D.01 — GPS Patch Antenna, 10mm$21.05(pdf)
ADF7012 — Frequency Agile FSK Transmitter IC$4.28(pdf)
MRF1513 — 3 Watt RF Power Amplifier$7.67(pdf)
ATMega324PA — Microcontroller$5.77(pdf)
LT3489 — Boost converter for 3.7V → 8V$3.90(pdf)
16Mbit Atmel Dataflash Storage$2.26(pdf)
3 Axis I2C Accelerometer$1.21(pdf) (setup)
USB communication$4.50
LiPo Battery Charger$0.94
SMA antenna connector$3.92
Aluminum Enclosure (80mm x 71mm x 19mm)$7.42(pdf)
3.7v 2000mAh LiPo battery~$10
Temperature Stable Reference Oscillators$6.41
Total cost per unit: $106

The printed circuit board version 1.0 was developed in Altium and fabricated by Advanced Circuits.

PCB Design

Here is a PDF of the schematic and board: PDF