Homework #1

Memory System Architecture
Prof. Philip Koopman

Due Wednesday September 2, 1998

Homework problems are very short answer -- in most cases 10 words or less or a simple equation suffices. Long essays are not desired.

Lecture 2: Key Concepts

1) What do these improve: latency, bandwidth, or both?

2) An embedded system project engineer follows a project through the following phases: 2 months design definition; 1 month requirements; 3 months design; 4 months prototype/debug; 2 months transition to production. What is the total speedup for time to market if CAD tools double design productivity (in terms of elapsed time for design phase)?

3) You walk into a building and see a bank of 4 elevators, all controlled by separate up/down request buttons (this is seen in some inexpensive European elevators). In other words, there are four "up" buttons in the lobby, each independently controlling a different elevator.

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