Talk by Ioan Stefanovici, University of Toronto

CALCM seminar by Ioan Stefanovici from University of Toronto on “Cosmic Rays Don't Strike Twice: Understanding the Nature of DRAM Errors and the Implications for System Design”, Feb 29, 2012 at 4-5 pm, HH D-210 CALCM seminar announcement

Talk by Prof. Rakesh Kumar, University of Illinois

CALCM seminar by Prof. Rakesh Kumar from University of Illinois on “Stochastic Computing: Embracing Errors in Architecture and Design of Hardware and Software”, Feb 22, 2012 at 4-5 pm, HH D-210 CALCM seminar announcement

Talk by Dr. Jared Smolens, Oracle

CALCM seminar by Dr. Jared Smolens from Oracle on Oracle/Sun UltraSPARC T4 at 4-5 pm, CIC 4th Floor Panther Hollow conference room CALCM seminar announcement

Discussions during lab sessions

From now on, the TAs (Chris, Abeer and Lavanya) will lead discussions (or recitations) during the lab sessions. What this means is that they will go over material covered in lectures, answer any questions and solve problems to reinforce your understanding of the material presented in lectures. They will also solve sample questions and problems related to the week's lecture topic. Note that they will still continue to help you with lab and homework assignments during these sessions.

Attendance at these discussions will be very beneficial. You can attend any of the three sessions, and in fact attend multiple sessions per week, if you wish to.