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CSSI Seminar Archives: 2006

  Speaker Company / Institution Title
12 Brian Taylor Carnegie Mellon University Exact Combinatorial Optimization Methods for Physical Design of Regular Logic Bricks
28 Jason Brown Carnegie Mellon University Automated Standard Cell Library Analysis for Improved Defect Modeling
21 Jason Clark Purdue University Electro Micro Metrology
09 John McNeill Worcester Polytechnic Institute Deep Submicron CMOS and the New Era of Creativity in Analog Design
31 Elias Fallon Cadence Design Systems SKILL - Easy Access To Design Data
24 Siddharth Garg Carnegie Mellon University Mitigating the Performance Impact of Within-die Variability Using GALS Architectures
10 Nicholas Carter UIUC A Self-Checkpointing Microprocessor Based on Magnetoelectronic Devices
03 Girish Venkataramani Carnegie Mellon University Leveraging Protocol Knowledge in Slack Matching
19 Xin Li Carnegie Mellon University Projection-Based Statistical Analysis of Full-Chip Leakage Power with Non-Log-Normal Distributions
14 Phillip Stanley-Marbell TU/e Programming Unreliable Networks of Computation
12 Subhasish Mitra Stanford University Built-In Soft Error Resilience for Robust System Design
05 Wojciech Maly Carnegie Mellon University Future of IC's DFM: A Biased View
29 Shadi Saberi Carnegie Mellon University Very Low Power, Adaptive Equalizer for High-Speed Communications
16 Jared Smolens Carnegie Mellon University On-line Error Detection for Commodity Microprocessors using Fingerprinting
09 Puru Choudhary Carnegie Mellon University Hardware Based Frequency Control of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous (GALS) Systems
01 Jaijeet Roychowdhury University of Minnesota Novel Numerical Simulation Methods and Design Formulae for Oscillatory Systems
18 Ryan Magargle Carnegie Mellon University Modeling and Simulation of Microfluidic Circuits
11 Marios Papaefthymiou University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Energy Recovery VLSI Design
10 R. Jacob Baker Boise State University Designing CMOS Circuits for the Next Generation of Solid-State Memory Technology
28 Umit Ogras Carnegie Mellon University Challenges and Promising Solutions in Networks-on-Chip Design
21 Francois Jacquet ST Microelectronics Design of SRAMs in Scaled CMOS Technologies
07 Dong Hun Shin Carnegie Mellon University A Unified Modeling and Design Methodology for RFICs Using Parameterized Sub-Circuit Cells
07 Limor Fix Intel Corporation Formal Verification in Intel – Specification, Coverage, and Engines
24 Twan Basten Eindhoven University The Essence of Computation
17 Andreas Veneris University of Toronto Fault Diagnosis and Logic Debugging Using Boolean Satisfiability