Electrical & Computer Engineering     |     Carnegie Mellon

Tuesday, February 5, 12:00-1:00 p.m. HH-1112

Herman Schmit
Carnegie Mellon University

Programmable Interconnect Fabrics

A chief technical problem of System-on-a-Chip design is the design of interconnections between different components in the system. In this talk, I will explore four possible approaches to global chip interconnection methodologies: traditional ASIC routing, via-programmed routing, RAM-programmable routing, and dynamic networks. I will outline what I believe are the central research problems to each of these approaches. I will briefly present some of our results in the automated design of programmable switch blocks.

Herman Schmit received the B.S.E. degree in Computer Science Engineering from University of Pennsylvania in 1987 and the Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995. He is currently an Assistant Professor at CMU. Before to coming to Carnegie Mellon, oh so many years ago, he was a memory system designer at company called Data General. In order to cultivate the eccentricity that CMU demands of its professors, he photographs his feet in worldly places.