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CSSI Seminar Archives: 2002

  Speaker Company / Institution Title
22 Rahul Kundu ECE Ph.D. student Functional Analysis of Crosstalk Switch Failures in Domino Logic Circuits
31 Jiangfeng Wu ECE Ph.D. student A Low-Noise Low-Offset Chopper Stabilized Capacitive Readout Amplifier for CMOS MEMS Accelerometer
5 Herman Schmit Carnegie Mellon University Programmable Interconnect Fabrics
12 Anoop Iyer ECE M.S. student Microarchitecture Level Power Management
19 Noppanunt Utamaphethai ECE Ph.D. student Simulation-based Microarchitecture Verification
26 Michael P. Flynn University of Michigan Digital Calibration of Flash Analog to Digital Converters
5 Jin Yang / Amit Goel Intel / ECE Ph.D. student Generalized Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation: Essence and a Case Study
12 Ray Holt Internet Marketing Microprocessing Design and Development for the US Navy F14 Fighter Jet
19 Sitaraman Iyer ECE Ph.D. student Modeling and Simulation of a CMOS-MEMS Gyroscope
21 Krishnamurthy Soumyanath Intel Corp. Challenges and Opportunities for Mixed Signal Systems in Sub 100nM CMOS Technologies
26 Matt Moe ECE Ph.D. student Floorplanning for Pipelined Arrays using Sequence Pairs
9 Rishiyur S. Nikhil Sandburst Corporation Bluespec™: a language to revolutionize ASIC design flow
16 David Whelihan ECE Ph.D. student Packet Switched Interconnection Networks for SOC
23 Art Davidson Carnegie Mellon University The Wright Brothers: Lessons for Engineers and Entrepreneurs
7 Ben Levine ECE Ph.D. student Queue Machines: Hardware and Software to Enable Integration of Processors and Reconfigurable Fabrics
14 Peter Feldmann IBM Communcation System Performance Analysis by Efficient Computations with Markov Chains

Girish Varatkar

ECE Ph.D. student Modeling and Synthesis of On-Chip Multimedia Traffic
23 Vincent J. Mooney III Assistant Professor,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Dynamic Memory Management Unit in Hardware and a Framework for Automatic Generation of Configuratin Files for a Custom Software/Hardware RTOS for SoC
6 Kenneth S. Stevens Adjunct Professor, Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Asynchronous Circuit Anarchy: Does it Make Sense?
7 Oded Maler Senior Researcher ("Directeur de Recherche"), CNRS Combining Formal Verification and Timing Analysis of Digital Circuits
10:30 AM
11 Larry Pileggi Carnegie Mellon University Constructive Fabrics
18 Shawn Blanton Carnegie Mellon University Test and Diagnosis of IC Failures
12:30 PM
25 Diana Marculescu Carnegie Mellon University Energy Aware Computing: Synchronous vs. Partially Asynchronous Processor
12:30 PM
4 Subhasish Mitra Intel Corp. / Stanford University Dependable Reconfigurable Computing Design Diversity and Self Repair
9 Thomas Zanon ECE Ph.D. student

Evidence of Layout-Dependent Failure Mechanisms in SRAMs
12:30 PM

16 Andrzej Strojwas Carnegie Mellon University

Design-Manufacturing Interface for VDSM Technologies
12:30 PM

23 Steve Haynal Intel

Automata-Based Symbolic Scheduling
12:30 PM

30 Ruchir Puri IBM

High-Performance Circuit Synthesis and Technology Issues
12:30 PM

4 Randal E. Bryant Carnegie Mellon University

Symbolic Simulation and its Connection to Formal Verification
12:30 PM

20 Jingcao Hu ECE Ph.D. student

Energy-Aware On-chip Communication: Challenges and Opportunities
12:30 PM

11 Radu Marculescu Carnegie Mellon University

COATNET: COlloidAl computing for Textile-area NETworks
12:30 PM