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Distributed Parity: Protecting Shared Memory

Tuesday November 23, 2004
Hamerschlag Hall D-210
4:00 pm

Jangwoo Kim
Carnegie Mellon University

In recent years, fault-tolerance has become an increasingly important feature of shared-memory multiprocessor systems. Researchers have investigated various mechanisms using some level of redundancy to protect a single processor core, interconnection network, or memory system. The distributed parity mechanism was recently proposed to avoid a non-ECC recoverable data loss in shared-memory multiprocessor systems.

In this talk, I will present our distributed parity proposal. Our shared-memory protection mechanism minimizes the performance overheads of past distributed parity solutions.

Jangwoo Kim is a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests include fault tolerant computer architecture, multiprocessor architecture and full computer system simulation. He received his Bachelor and Master degress from Cornell University. His advisor is Babak Falsafi.


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