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Store-Ordered Streaming of Shared Memory

Tuesday September 13, 2005
Hamerschlag Hall D-210
4:00 pm

This is a practice talk for PACT 2005.

Thomas Wenisch
Carnegie Mellon University

Coherence misses in shared-memory multiprocessors account for a substantial fraction of execution time in many scientific and commercial workloads. Memory streaming provides a promising solution to the coherence miss bottleneck because it improves memory level parallelism and lookahead while using on-chip resources efficiently. In this talk, I show that the order shared data are consumed by one processor is correlated to the order in which they were produced by another. I demonstrate how this phenomenon can be exploited to send Store-ORDered Streams (SORDS) of shared data from producers to consumers, thereby eliminating coherent read misses.

Tom Wenisch is a fifth year PhD student in computer architecture, working with Prof. Babak Falsafi. Tom makes databases run faster on multiprocessors.


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